Making private market investing easy. How it works.

This “invite-only” access gives you a chance to invest in global unicorns such as AirBnb, Flexport, SpaceX, and more. These deals are typically only open to large institutional investors up till now, Magicturtles breaks these barriers all at once! We set you on a journey towards building a diversified portfolio of private equity investments with as little as USD5000 from anywhere in the world. We make it easy for anyone to invest.



Register for an early access to Magicturtles. A digital platform which gets you access to global, curated, bite-sized private equity investment opportunities. It’s a ‘invite only’ member platform which has it’s strict guidelines for the membership based upon your social, economical and professional profile.

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Step 1: Create your investor profile

It only takes a minute. Sign up here if you haven’t already. Unrivaled investment opportunities from across the global markets exclusively for members only. Accomplished individuals form the Magicturtles investor base.

This “invite-only” access gives you a chance to invest in exciting companies such as Robinhood, Calm, Zipline, AirBnb, Flexport, SpaceX, AirBnb and more.

Step 2: Pass the KYC, Accreditation, AML checks

We want (and are required) to make sure you’re an individual of good standing and know the basics of investing, on everything from risks to rewards.

We need to make sure we have your digital KYC with a set of documents, details verified by our compliance officer. Get your Magicturtles account active i.e. you now become an Investor and activate your Magicturtles account.

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Step 3: Review the opportunity

Access entire deal material and select the deal(s) which fit your investment thesis. Review the investment memorandum, company pitch, terms, and decide whether you believe they will succeed.

Make sure you understand what the company you’re investing in is offering you by reviewing the deal terms, pitch materials, and understanding the risks associated with the investment.

Step 4: Commit to a deal

Choose your investment amount, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and complete your commitment.

Make sure you understand what the company you’re investing in is offering you by reviewing the subscription agreement sent to you and understanding the risks associated with the investment. we’ll send you the required subscription agreement and wiring details.

Step 5: Transaction

Initiate transfer of your funds in the deal via a special purpose vehicle. You’ll be a Limited Partner in the Special Purpose Vehicle alongside us.

Once you make an investment, funds will be held in an account maintained of the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The funds will be released from this account to the company. You can schedule a call to understand taxation, remittance and other support.

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Done. Investment completed.

Track your investments on a secure login. Receive monthly, quarterly reports via email of your portfolio. Get answers to your investment from our investor relations advisor.

You receive a shareholding certificate of the SPV along side other shareholders. Follow through monthly updates to check on exits, returns. Receive the distribution from the investment made on periodic basis. Exit the deal as a wealthy you.

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Invest in the future you believe in. Invite only access to highly-vetted investment opportunities in technology, logistics, real estate, security, gaming, and crypto.

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