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Magicturtles helps you take your personal finances international.
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There is an ocean of opportunity when you look beyond the stock market.
 AirBnb, Uber, and TransferWise all relied on venture capital to fuel their growth. They were hungry for money and they got a lot of it. Except, they probably got none of it from you… Say you feel that SpaceX will be the next big thing and you want to hop on that rocketship today. How would you do it?
Well, Magicturtles makes it all possible. We bring you inaccessible investment opportunities and help you play in the big leagues. We are not a fund, so the power to invest still remains with you. All we do is present high-quality opportunities and make things easy if you choose to invest.
Yes, it is as exciting as it sounds :)


Diversify your portfolio without any hassles

Exclusive Access

We partner with leading funds from around the world and co-invest in their hottest deals. In turn, we share the same deals with you. Pre-IPO investing has long been restricted to top investment firms and High Networth Individuals. With Magicturtles, that’s no longer the case. The doors are now open to you.

No More Barriers

The barriers never stop with private equity investments. Even when they’re accessible, deals tend to be prohibitively expensive. For foreigners, things get even trickier. Magicturtles has a $5000 minimum on all its investments. That’s it. With $5000 and a passport of your choice, you can get started.

Curated Deals

Earning money is tough enough. We don’t want you giving up on investing just cause it “takes too much work”. At Magicturtles, we handpick every deal that we present to you. We do the due diligence, summarise the opportunity, and only show you the stuff that matters. All you got to do is look at a given deal and say yes or no.


Invest in epic companies alongside marquee investors


Over the last 5 years, we have enabled USD100 million in investments. We are set to deliver returns of 18-24% IRR to our investors. That’s ~4x returns from an Indian savings account & ~50x returns from an American one. Some of the companies we’ve invested in.


When a private company raises venture money, it typically seeks funds from several investors. Magicturtles – that’s you – is one of those investors. Here are some of the others betting on the same companies as we are.


We find you deals. You choose to invest


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